We're extending our competition delivery area!

November 28,2013

Hi everyone! We've been absolutely blown away by the attention that our competition has been receiving and are so thrilled that so many of you are participating!

We have realised that many of our entrants aren't located in London and while this was initially a London based competition (as we are a London based Christmas tree delivery company!), we have decided to extend the qualifying area for the grand prize, the Fortnum and Masons hamper. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver our Christmas trees outside of the London area and so unfortunately any winner will not be able to receive the tree.

So, where does this leave the prizes? Basically, the runner-up prizes (otherwise known as the first draw prizes) can only be awarded to residents of London because we only currently deliver to London. We will be doing a separate prize draw for just London residents for this. The grand prize consists of a Fortnum and Masons Christmas hamper (worth £500!) and one of our Christmas trees. We will select a winner at random from all of the entrants (regardless of where they live). Should the winner live in London, then they will receive the full prize of the Fortnum and Masons Hamper as well as one of our Christmas trees. Should the winner reside anywhere else in the UK, then he/she will receive only the Fortnum and Masons Hamper.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused here but we feel this is the best work-around solution. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver nationwide soon and to set competition prizes (and T&Cs) accordingly!

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