Christmas Delivered!

November 18,2013

Last year was a steep learning curve for us, as it was our first year. The main improvement we are focussing on this year is delivery to ensure that we make your Christmas as easy as possible – after all that is why we are here!

We highly value our customer’s feedback and last year the main improvement requested was for us to offer weekend delivery as a standard. We aim to please so we have indeed implemented this as well as several other improvements to delivery such as:

Allowing our customers to pre-order and select their weekend for delivery in advance.

Communicating delivery days to all customers beforehand as well as aiming to give approximate times of arrival.

Partnering with a new courier company who have over a decade of logistical experience.

Offering a great last minute service whereby each customer can order their tree up until midday on a Friday and still expect delivery that weekend!

We anticipate a much smoother delivery schedule this year and we hope you will all show us this with timely pictures of your trees sent to us to upload on our Facebook page!

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