You may notice that our Christmas trees are sold in size ranges, for example 5-6ft trees instead of simply 5ft or 6ft trees. This is because our trees are all natural – and they don’t come in exactly round number tree heights! So, we offer the range to give a more accurate measure. Generally, our trees tend to be towards the taller end of the range however if you would definitely like a 7ft tree for example, we would recommend sizing up and going for a 7ft – 8ft tree, rather than a 6ft – 7ft tree. Often real Christmas trees come with a long top branch which can be trimmed if necessary.

Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes however when it comes to real Christmas trees, you need to consider bushiness and width as well as height. Different trees are more suited to different spaces and of course, personal preference comes into deciding what look you would like for your tree. Creekside Christmas offers almost every kind of sized Christmas tree from small 3ft trees to oversized 10ft trees! If you need a size bigger than 10ft, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to give you a quote.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree Sizes

Generally speaking, the most bushy and voluminous tree type is the Nordmann Fir which has plenty of full branches and glossy green needles. It is also non-drop meaning it is the most low-maintenance of all the different tree types. However because of its bushiness, Nordmann Firs are best if you have a bit of space to spare. You can still make a Nordmann Fir work even if you live in a smaller space, but it might be best to go for a shorter height. There is also the option of trimming your tree if you still would like the height but need to cut down on the width of your tree.

We sell Nordmann Fir Christmas trees in sizes 3ft to 10ft and can source larger trees should you require it.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Sizes

You can get Norway Spruce trees in almost any size, however they are at their best in the larger sizes.
Norway Spruces are ideal as outdoor trees – they have a lovely, traditional shape and a beautiful pine scent however they are prone to shedding so can make for a high-maintenance choice if you choose to have yours indoors. They tend not to be quite as bushy or full as some other Christmas tree varieties which is why we would always recommend a larger size if you are opting for a Norway Spruce.

We sell Norway Spruce Christmas trees in sizes 3ft to 8ft and can source larger trees should you require it.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree Sizes

Fraser Fir trees aren’t as well known in the UK but are very popular in the US and are gaining
popularity in the UK. They are wonderfully bushy and are also considered non-drop trees, similar to Nordmann Fir trees. The key difference between the Nordmann Fir tree type and the Fraser Fir tree type is that Fraser Firs are typically more narrow whereas the Nordmann Fir can be extremely wide. If you live in a flat or only have a smaller space for your Christmas tree but definitely want a full bushy look for your tree, then a Fraser Fir could be a great choice for you.

Our size ranges for Fraser Firs are slightly more limited and are not available in the very small sizes however they are available in the taller sizes. We currently sell Fraser Fir Christmas trees in sizes 5ft to 12ft and can source larger trees should you require it.