There are lots of different types of Christmas trees. The three main Christmas tree types in the UK are the Nordmann Fir, the Norway Spruce, and the more recently popular Fraser Fir. The Nordmann Fir is often known as the “non-drop” Christmas tree and is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK due to its strong needle retention and softer needles which make it a family friendly indoor option. The Norway Spruce, often known as the traditional Christmas tree is the most popular choice for an outdoor tree as it is cheaper, and can hold its needles well in cold and wet environments, and it has a lovely smell. The Fraser Fir is somewhat new to the UK, and has been catching up with the Nordmann Fir in popularity of late as a slimmer alternative for people who want a tall tree but don’t have a huge amount of floor space. 

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

The Nordmann Fir is currently the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. This is due to its classic shape and dark green glossy needles which are more child and pet friendly than other varieties. The tree holds its needles well, even after it has been cut, which makes it an ideal choice to have inside the home where conditions are often warm.

The Nordmann Fir has gained popularity in recent years due to it’s excellent needle retention qualities allowing you to have a cosy and warm home, whilst not worrying about your Christmas tree retaining its beauty. The Nordmann Fir is often called a non-drop tree, which like all cut trees, isn’t 100% true, however its retention is excellent and it is much more resilient to the heat than the Norway Spruce. This Christmas tree has soft, deep green foliage, smooth grey bark and a classic almost cartoon-like triangular shape. The needles can often give off a fresh, clean, citrus smell too. Read more on Nordmann Fir Christmas trees here.

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Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir is a uniformly pyramid-shaped tree. Its strong branches are turned slightly upward which gives the tree a compact and dense appearance. That being said, whilst Fraser Fir trees are dense with plenty of branches and needles, they tend to come in less wide than the Nordmann Fir. This makes them ideal for tighter spaces where you still want the full, bushy look but don’t necessarily have the space for an enormous tree! Fraser Fir Christmas trees are very popular in the US and are gaining popularity in the UK. They are excellent for needle retention and are therefore also considered a ‘non-drop’ tree. Unlike the Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir trees have a wonderful ‘Christmas-like’ scent which has a hint of citrus to it. If you’re struggling to decide between a Nordmann Fir and a Norway Spruce, then a Fraser Fir might be a great compromise, combining the non-drop features of the Nordmann Fir with a traditional ‘Christmas tree’ scent. Read more on Fraser Fir hristmas trees here.

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Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

The Norway Spruce originates in Northern Europe and can be found naturally growing on many UK Christmas tree farms. This variety of Christmas tree is very versatile, and can be grown in a wide variety of conditions and using many different soils. The Norway Spruce is a popular choice in the UK and can be found every year in both Trafalgar
Square and 10 Downing Street.

The spruce is famous for its triangular shape, green upward pointing needles, and distinctive, classic ‘Christmas-like’ pine fragrance. Its dense bushy shape makes it the ideal Christmas tree for decorating and holding all of your decorations! That said, the Norway Spruce is known for having poor needle retention and is generally higher maintenance
than Nordmann Fir or Fraser Fir varieties. For this reason, it is more suitable for outdoor use however if your home is kept on the cooler side, it is possible to have maintain a Norway Spruce throughout the festive season.
Read more on Norway Spruce Christmas trees here.

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Christmas Tree Quality

Another element you should consider is what grade of Christmas tree you are buying. Many Christmas tree sellers offer lower grade trees without specifying. At Creekside Christmas, we only sell premium grade trees. In this case, we’re talking fullness of shape and the overall look. Whilst all real Christmas trees are unique, ours will all have that beautiful traditional Christmas tree shape and will be full and bushy. Of course, if our Christmas tree doesn’t live up to your expectations, then please get in touch – customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we will always endeavour to deliver Christmas trees that you and your family love!